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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So I've been busy lately.

But I wanted to do just a quick post...

Thought #1) I got my new iPhone yesterday.

It's awesome. Love it. And love my husband for getting it for me.

Thought #2) My bracelet is getting loose, and I'm afraid any day now it's going to fall off... which will make me very sad. Yes, I can get a new one, but I tied this on in Brazil... and it means a lot. Maybe I'll have Matt 'repair' it. It's definitely not a fashion statement, but that's not the point. The day we passed these out to the people in Brazil is etched into my memory, and I guarantee there are hundreds of people there, young and old, still wearing theirs.

I talked about this little guy in the following video here. We met him on our very first visit to the little community in Brazil where we worked, and he stuck like glue to us every day after. Here he is in Hannah's lap at the outdoor worship service we attended late one night. He didn't know the words. He didn't really know what he was supposed to do, but he wanted to worship. I can barely watch it. I miss him and the people there. Oh, and notice his little wrist... he loved his bracelet, too.


Nel said...

What a precious little boy! And isn't it awesome even though he did not know the words he was still worshipping and praising the Savior!
until next time... nel