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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beach Ideas: Good and Not-So-Good

This week, while at the beach, we have had some GOOD ideas and some NOT-SO-GOOD ideas. Observe....

Teaching Belle to surf... GOOD idea. The girl is a natural.

Sending Jeb off with a bag of Cheese-its to feed the sea gulls... NOT-SO-GOOD idea. The attack was ruthless, and the boy is now terrified of anything feathered.

Momentarily ignoring Estella's incessant requests to leave the beach and go to the pool... GOOD idea. The girl begged herself right to sleep.

Letting Pat (my brother-in-law) wake up early and go out surfing... NOT SO GOOD idea. The lifeguard starting waving him in, but he couldn't figure out why. Another surfer (a local) informed him that it was "probably because of the five foot bull shark that had been circling them." Oh, ya' think? Needless to say, Pat paddled his surfing self to the beach.

Matt playing with the kids in the ocean while Mommy soaks up some sun... BEST IDEA OF THE WEEK.

Matt thinking it would be awesome to surf with Jeb on his back... WORST IDEA OF THE WEEK. Bless his little heart. I'm that mom who probably should jump up and make sure everything is ok, but instead, can't stop laughing long enough to offer assistance.


Cindy said...

Good ideas...Bad ideas...No matter what...It looks like you are having a wonderful time:)

Leslie said...

Oh my goodness! I'm sitting in the dentist office while the girls are getting their teeth cleaned. After watching the video of Matt surfing with Jeb on his back, I laughed soooo hard I couldn't speak! Everyone was looking at me weird. That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Tell Matt thanks for the laugh at poor jeb's expense!

sara @ it's good to be queen said...

that video of matt and jeb is hysterical!

Aimee Bryan said...

Isn't great to be to communicate with people even while they are several states away, on the beach surfing. Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

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