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Sunday, June 28, 2009

WARNING: Too Many Beach Pictures Ahead

Yes, I know that I COULD put these pictures in a slideshow format. However, being that this IS my blog, I prefer the old-fashion-just-slap-up-as-many-pics-in-one-post-as-you-can format.

We are home from the beach, and we had such an awesome time. I absolutely loved being there with my babies and husband. We couldn't have asked for better weather, better kids, or better accommodations. Everything from start to finish was just perfect. (Except for MAYBE the ride home. Ok, no maybe about it. It was hellacious, but that's another story for another day....)

We are still unpacking and recovering, but I wanted to post some pictures while the kids are napping. I do realize that I have more shots of Jeb than anyone else, but he stayed pretty close to us the entire time, unlike his sisters who went non-stop from ocean to beach. Moving targets are hard to pin down.

Every time someone we know goes on vacation to somewhere we often go, I always want to ask the normal questions, "Where did you stay? Where did you eat? What did you like?" So, sometime this week I'll try to fill everyone in on the 'what we liked and what we didn't like' aspects of the trip. For now, enjoy the pictures--all 745,000 of them!


Steph said...

Love the pictures, looks like you had a blast!! I know you said you will post later, but that beach area and chairs looks like where we stayed!!! Curious to find out if we stayed at the same place.

Nel said...

Your pictures are beautiful. The kids look like they had a blast. I get so tickled at Jeb's expressions! Can't wait to see more... Glad you had a fun safe trip!

Leanne said...

Loved the pictures!!

Annie said...

2nd to the last is my favorite.

Superchikk said...

Love the pictures!