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Sunday, June 7, 2009


(UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that I possibly may have miscalculated on the exact number of this birthday--an innocent oversight.)

I love birthdays. Always have. And this one was so much fun. I started out the day with Starbucks (of course, my fav) and a dozen pink roses from Matt and my babies. Then, at small group at church, Matt had a 'special chair' (slightly embarrassing) just for me, and he had made me a cake (slightly hideous, but so sweet). This afternoon, we went to Matt's mom and dad's for a shrimp boil. It was delicious. I love shrimp and probably ate two pounds all by myself. Afterwards, Matt's sister, Sarah, made one of my favorite desserts. I don't even know what's it's called... Lemon Delciousness, maybe. (Not really, but it so could be.) If you're interested in the recipe, you'll have to ask her!

My "princess chair" as Matt called it.

Photo by Belle... Me and my beautiful roses.

My cake by Matt. He's taking orders if anyone is interested.

Yes, this was as good as it looks. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.

My birthday dessert by Sarah. Thanks, Sarah! I just ate the last of it!

All in all it was a great 27th birthday. I am so blessed.


Erica said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!

Steph said...

I love how you are the same age as me, but you were my high school English teacher!!! HEHE

Happy 27th Birthday!!


The Slaughters said...

Steph!! Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Sarah Fries said...

I was wondering if anyone would catch on about your age!! The dessert was called Lemon Curd Trifle with Fresh Berries! It looked prettier before the berries sunk into the cream mixture, plus I forgot to add the mint as a garnish :(. I'm glad you had a good birthday! We love you! Pat was wondering why his picture of him swinging did not make the post?

The Jordon Family said...

Happy Birthday Ang!!! I hope you had a good one. The shrimp looks awesome, and Matt did a wonderful job on your cake :). That was super sweet of him.
I hope I turn 27 again this year, it looks like fun , ha! :)

Josh, Lori and Reid said...

Do your number keys not work on your new MAC? :)

Happy Birthday Peeps!