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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Wednesday

****** Sorry, Lori. I should have thought of that! Scroll down... I added pictures!

This summer seems to be going by so fast. For the Slaughter family, I have adopted one summertime goal: Try to make it out of the house at least once during the day. It seems that if we hang out in the house all day, everyone loses their minds--especially the Slaughter sisters. Those girls can fight with the best of them.

(Ok, this picture may have been staged, but it's a true-to-life re-enactment, I assure you.)

We make quite a few trips here. We slowly meander up and down the aisles. Every now and then I'll actually buy something other than popcorn and icees. Today I bought a super cute dress for the beach. (Is that ok, Matt? We'll talk later.)

Above are pictures of my purchase. Cute, huh? Apparently, it's a dress OR skirt. Am I a smart shopper, or what??? Click here for the link to Target.

Today has been a good day. Since we did make a Target run and the girls haven't been cooped up in close quarters, they have gotten along wonderfully. Jeb has been playing outside, though, he can't resist slamming his face up against the backdoor just to make sure I'm close. I finally caught it on camera. Little stinker.

And also, Matt bought me these beautiful calla lilies... my absolute favorite.

Funny story about calla lilies. When we were considering buying this house, I was so nervous. It was a big step, and change desperately scares me. We were here viewing it with the realtor for the third time, and I glanced over in the backyard and saw a single calla lily growing in the not-so-taken-care-of flower bed. Right then I just knew this was our house. (I'm an unashamed believer in the fact that God gets our attention in all sorts of ways.) A few days ago, Belle came running in the house with dirty hands and says, "Mommy, me and Daddy found you a big surprise!" I came outside, and she and Matt had found the calla lily plant and replanted it for me. I had forgotten all about it. We are praying the little thing survives.

On other fronts, we have lots of entries for the video. I'm so excited because I really love this dvd. Remember, you have until Saturday!


Josh, Lori and Reid said...

Ok, you can't say "super cute dress" and then not show us a picture of it!! I want to see!

Josh, Lori and Reid said...

Thank you! Love it!

The Jordon Family said...

Love the dress/skirt.. too cute.. I haven't been to Tarjay in a while so I need to go soon and check out the goods!!

Superchikk said...

Cala Lillies are my absolute favorite too! I've always wanted to grow them, but have never done it.

Our Target run will most likely be tomorrow, since Daddy will be spending his Friday at the office. A girl's gotta have some sort of consolation prize. Also, I am addicted to the $1 spot. I know it's cheap, mostly trashy stuff. But I can't help it.

And ya'll should make a stop by my house sometime when you're out and about. We'd love to have folks to play with!

ChristinaQ said...

That dress is awesome!