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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beach Bound and Happy Father's Day

We are leaving today for Florida. We have never taken a beach trip with just our little family--me, Matt, and the kids. I could not be more excited. Say a prayer for safe and sane travels. Yes, I said 'sane'. Three kids, including a one year old, in a car for 10 hours. 'Sane' is definitely what I said.

Also, Happy Father's Day!! We are stopping by to see Grandpa as we head toward Florida. If you read my blog much, you know how I feel about my Grandpa. He means so much to me, and I love and respect him more than words can say. He was my biggest fan when I played ball in high school, always encouraging me from the stands. I only remember him missing one of my games, and I began playing in the 3rd grade. Today, I'd like to think he's still my biggest fan.

Almost 88 and still a doll.

And a BIG shout out to my sweet Matt. Honestly, he is the best daddy in the universe. You'd just have to see him in action to truly appreciate his role as my kids' daddy. Whether it's praying with them every morning before school or sneaking in their room every single night to tuck them in or bringing the girls flowers for no special reason... Matt Slaughter rocks. Plus, he's way hot. I love you so much, Sweetie.


Chris said...

You go girl....wish I was there with you! Still in summer school. I hope you, Matt and your beautiful children have a great time in Florida! Prayers with you!

Nel said...

Your grandpa is still your biggest fan. We always see him at Weeze's when we are in Arkansas, and not a time goes by that he doesn't have a story to share about you, Matt and your kids. And yes he is a doll!
Hope you have a wonderful trip! Take lots of pictures of those babies on the beach. Prayers are with all of you!