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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Since early February I have lost around 13 pounds. I hide weight well. It’s a genetic gift. But trust me, I needed to lose the weight. Everything about my pregnancy with Jeb was a struggle… even losing weight after. So… I should be proud of myself, right? Applause. Streamers. Shouts of joy. But I’m not celebrating. Instead, I just want to lose more. And more. And my question is… Can we, as women, ever be content with the way we look? For a while, I was feeling pretty good about myself, and then I allowed the images I see on tv to convince me once again that I just don’t measure up. I’m thirty-three and still struggle with self-image issues. Hello again, junior high. Are you kidding me!?

And how in the world do I help my girls not fall into this horrible trap? Already they say things like, “Mommy, I only want to eat healthy foods so I won’t get fat.” Seriously?! Where are they hearing this because it’s not from this house. We still watch Dora and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! The Disney Channel is years (if ever) away. Are other little girls their age already thinking this way and talking about it at school? I cannot imagine my beautiful girls growing up the way I did thinking I was never good enough or skinny enough or pretty enough or smart enough. I want them to know how to walk into a room with a humble confidence. Or is there such a thing?

Just things I'm thinking about today. I normally don't ramble, so I think I'm entitled to one good rambling post every now and then.


Erica said...

I struggle with those exact same things and want to shield my children from those things too. Thanks for being willing to say it outloud. I too, have been struggling to get the baby weight from my last child off. Seems like no matter what I do it's not budging. My friends all say it's because I have too much stress. Too bad stress didn't make me lose it like it does for some people... :-) I guess I'm just thankful that my husband still adores me even if I'm a little too fluffy for my liking! And I'm sure yours is the same way too!! :-) Have a great day!

Sharon said...

I'm right there with you. Not on losing the baby weight, yet. Right now I am DREADING it and only 15 1/2 weeks pregnant! It was hard enough after #2 and I can't imagine after #3!

However, me aside, I think about it with my girls ALL.THE.TIME too! How do we teach them to be healthy, with out overdoing it and making them love who God made them to be? Maybe you should write a book on it, since you are a writer and stuff!

Congrats on the 13 pounds!

ChristinaQ said...

I know you probably don't remember me much from school, but I'm shocked to see you write about being self concious! Just for the record, I always thought you were gorgeous.

Thompson Family said...

Oh, Angela....I thought it was just me. Katie has also been coming home talking about wanting to eat just "healthy" foods. I have such a scewed idea of what the ideal body image is. And I struggle on a daily basis with not being happy with my body. I work out constantly and am so paranoid about my weight. I thought Katie was picking up on things I'd been doing and saying but I feel better now thinking maybe she's also getting this from other kids at school. I don't want her to grow up and be as concerned or worried about her self image as I am.

Miller Family said...

Okay, so how did you do it? And I apprecaite your honesty, it's something I struggle with everyday.