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Sunday, April 12, 2009


After much contemplation, I decided to get the kids all dolled up and take them to church yesterday. Matt is playing James, son of Zebedee, in the Easter drama (though he refers to himself simply as 'J-Zee'). There was one performance yesterday and two today, so I am by myself with the kiddos. Yesterday was perfect for Easter outfits and taking pictures... high in the 60's, sun was shining. Today is miserable. Cold. Rainy. Windy. Dark. Yuck. So, pretty much, taking them yesterday was the best decision I have ever made. High five to me.

This morning the girls and I stayed in bed until 9 and read the resurrection story in John. They asked a million questions and were so precious. When Jeb woke up, we kicked it into gear and after eating breakfast, dyed Easter eggs. I had planned on doing it the old fashioned way with vinegar and food coloring, but instead, opted for the time-honored, traditional Paas dye kit. It has been a great morning.

I still have links coming in on the cupcakes/cakes/cookies contest, and we have some really fun ones. You have until tonight. There's still time. The cookbook is really good, but you don't want to let this Easter get away without building a fun memory. Get busy!


Sherrilleta said...

Every single time I see them, they get more beautiful. Grandma is smiling down today....

Nel said...

They are precious!