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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Contest Results!

Fun. Fun. Fun. You guys did a great job with your Easter creations. I have had several people tell me instead of 'entering', they were waiting to see what everyone came up with so they would have some ideas for next year. I think you gave them some good ones. Here they are...

Sarah and Lynlee made cakepops!

Leanne and her little redhead cuties did bunny cupcakes.

Alissa and her THREE boys did bunny cookies.

Michelle and Katie made resurrection cookies. These are cool. You need to check them out.

Melissa made these yummy cookies. Seriously, with the photography? So good.

Kate and her boys did a bunny cake!

Annie and Courtney made a peep nest!

Robyn and the twins also did cakepops!

And the girls and I didn't officially 'enter', but I wanted to post our creations anyway. We did a variety of cupcakes, my favorite being the bunnies!

I searched far and wide to find an impartial judge... someone who doesn't blog or know those entered. Finally, I asked Matt's grandmother's friend (who actually just got a computer) to do the judging. I sent her the pictures with no names attached, explained all the creations, and asked her to pick a winner. There was no other judging criteria other than 'pick the one you like the best.' And after much deliberation, she chose...

...Kate and the Floyd boys' bunny cake! Congrats, Kate. I will get you your cookbook, and I hope you enjoy.

Guys, thanks so much for playing along, and I really, really hope you had fun celebrating Easter with your kids. I really believe those little moments will be the ones they remember for a lifetime.


Sarah Fries said...

Congrats Kate!!!

Josh and Kate said...

Thanks Sarah! Angela, I'm looking forward to the new cookbook. When I told Peyton we won, you would have thought I had just handed him $100. He was so excited. Thanks.

Superchikk said...

Congrats to Kate! Now you have to use that cookbook to make us something yummy. :)