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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood

On Tuesday of last week, I had the awesome opportunity to travel to southern California with Matt and our dear friends while the boys attended a conference. I was SO blessed to even be able to go and so incredibly thankful. I have only been to California once, and it was when I was 12 years old and DROVE there with Grandpa and Grandma in Grandpa's pickup. But that is another story all by itself....

I could write pages on the trip but will spare you my vacation talk. I will say that it was wonderful and exciting and even though the weather was cool and wet most of the time, the trip was pretty much perfect to me. I had several goals I wanted to accomplish and met most of them. They were: 1) Visit Vivien Leigh's star on the walk of fame, 2) See a celebrity, 3) Buy at least one article of clothing I was in love with, 4) See a celebrity "in the wild", 5) Get a picture with someone famous. I was able to check off 1-3, but we never saw a celebrity just hanging out somewhere nor did I get a picture with anyone famous. The boys swear they saw Vince Vaughn, but I promise they didn't. They did see Rick Warren, but we decided that didn't count.

Just a few pictures....

Me at Vivien Leigh's star. Big moment for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

I was very excited about finding Gregory Peck's hand and footprints at the Chinese Theatre. Of course, every single person in the group asked, "Who's Gregory Peck?" I could only sigh.

Ok, so this is the dorkiest picture of me and Matt, but we went through so much trouble to get this shot, it just has to be posted. We searched high and low for somewhere to have our picture taken in front of the Hollywood sign. Let me tell you... there aren't many places. We finally found this spot in the middle of a busy street. We were almost killed on several occasions, but got the pictures we wanted and laughed insanely while doing it.

We stood in the cold and rain for over an hour to get into the Jay Leno Show. We were the absolute LAST people to make it in the doors. And I mean the. very. last. It was very interesting and fun to see how these shows are filmed. Jennifer Lopez was Jay's guest. Yeah, I said J-Lo. We asked Gigi and G-Pops to dvr it for us, and we made it on tv!! Ok, the back of our heads made it on tv, but still... exciting!!! This is a picture of Gigi's tv. Here is a clip below. Fast forward all the way to the end. We are the very last thing you see.

On Thursday, the boys told us girls to treat ourselves to a manicure/pedicure at the spa in Nordstrom's. How could we say no? It was so nice, and I was even able to share a little about my faith to the lady who did my nails.

On our last night, we drove to Laguna Beach for dessert at the Sand and Surf Hotel, hoping for one last opportunity to spot a star. We failed again at star sighting but had a great dessert with an absolutely incredible view.

I could not have asked for a better trip or better people to share it with. That said, the sight of the Slaughter kids was the best thing I saw all week. I mean it when I say, when I am not with them or near them, my mind is on them. How is it even possible to love this much? I know I am so very far from being a perfect mother, but I hope they never ever doubt my love for them. Because it's a crazy, insane kind of love. I know I am always saying that I am so blessed, but I am. I so am.


Leanne said...

It is so neat that you got to go to Hollywood! I loved looking at your pictures, & wanted to check your page on facebook every day to see if you had met another of your goals!!!

Cindy said...

I'm so excited that you got to make that trip. I grew up in SoCal and love it!
Short trips are so much fun!
Glad you are back home with your babes!