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Friday, April 30, 2010

Ava Isabelle is SEVEN.

Today my stunningly beautiful, wise beyond her years, sensitive, optimistic, creative, brilliant, easy-going, funny, precious daughter turns seven years old. Seven. While that number almost knocks me off my feet, I am so very proud of my Ava Isabelle. Happy happy birthday, Sweet Girl!

The quality of this picture is horrible, but one of my favorites. I can't wait until we all celebrate together again.

Belle at about 2 months. We started 'time out' at an early age.

Already sportin' the do-rag at 6 months.

Almost one and already a reader. (Ok, not really.)

Belle today. So beautiful, on the outside and in.


Aimee Bryan said...

So sweet! It sounds like it was a wonderful day! Can't wait to see those sparkly ears.

Sherrilleta said...

I remember holding her at the hospital! How is it that time flies so quickly?

Cindy said...

oooooo...sorry I missed stopping by earlier...but Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet girl:)

Kari Beth said...

the hair! it does look exactly like elle louise's! ha! i'm sure elle's will be blonde by summer!