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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today's Gift

I wasn’t going to blog today. But I am. Because something awesome happened this morning that I want to share. And it’s my blog. So, I’m gonna.

I woke up with a lot on my plate today. Lots of things I needed to do and places I had to be. So, from the onset, I was in a rush.

And then something happened completely from out of the blue that knocked me on my rear. Something that affected me deeply. I tried to shake it off. I had too much to do to sit down and cry. But I wanted to. I really, really wanted to. My heart was hurting, and I just wanted to have a good, ugly cry.

I strapped Jeb in the car, got behind the wheel and tried to pretend I wasn’t feeling sick, trying to hold back the tears. And then…. My iPhone lit up. A message. I was almost too distracted to pick it up and read it. But I did. And this is what it said:

I just give you a big hug. And to say, Jesus loves you so much.

The message was from my friend, Suemmey, who lives in Brazil. And I lost it. There is NOTHING more I needed at that moment than to be loved on and hugged and reminded that Jesus loves me so much.

I realize some believe in coincidence--that it was only luck or a fluke that someone I just met a few weeks ago would send me the exact words to comfort me at the exact moment I needed them the most. But not me. I believe that from Heaven, God saw me. He felt what I was feeling. And He wanted me to know He was there. I believe He nudged Suemmey in Brazil, silently calling on her to send me that message. And Suemmey, one of the most obedient, incredible Christians I have ever met in my life, listened.

My day went from, 'God, seriously, I can't handle this today.' to 'You know what?. I can handle anything as long as You’re with me.'

And He is. It's so easy for us to forget that He doesn't walk away, doesn't take a break... not even for a moment. (Although, I am POSITIVE He could use a major Angela break.) Today I had a moment that allowed the craziness and things I don't understand around me to bring me to a place of sadness. But He showed up right beside me. Miraculously. What a gift.


Boni said...

And you blog...that you weren't going to write EXACTLY the reminder I needed. Because today...has just been one of THOSE days...

Chris said...

Ang- Sometimes we are so busy He has to get our attention 'Be still and know that I am there' this was His way of doing so! You have to read my blog for the news! Dave M. absolutely cried and said he was shaking, this meant a lot to him (news about BB)

Cindy said...

That is Awesome!!! Go God!

I sure could have used a Hug from God today!

Nel said...

Wow Ang, just read this. That gave me goosebumps and brought tears to the eyes all at the same time. I have a feeling you will be experiencing alot of fantastic moments. You heeded His call by going on the mission trip, and He is blessing your efforts! People can say coincidence or fate, but we know what it really is! Thanks for sharing, I needed this reminder this morning! I guess that is why I had not read it before... coincidence...not a chance!

until next time... nel