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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Christmas (Way Too Many Pictures Ahead)

We are still celebrating Christmastime at our house. And as hectic as these attempts may be, they are so much fun.

Gingerbread Men Making Day!

Even Jeb got in on the action.

Out of the oven and ready to get all dressed up.

Matt is no longer allowed to participate.

Jeb got a tad messy.

Belle and her masterpiece.

Estella and her masterpiece.

Afterwards, I asked Matt to get Jeb dressed so we could go look at Christmas lights. This is what happened.

And here are a few house shots.


One of my favorite ornaments. It's a muffin tin I got the month after Grandma died, 2005. Everyone loved her cornbread muffins. (Except me. Sorry, Grandma.)

And this one is an ornament I bought when I found out Jeb was a boy. SO exciting.

Stockings waiting to be filled! Oh, and check out the new tile. Matt just took out the old stuff and replaced it with new. I love it.

And finally, our gingerbread house, complete with little paper umbrella. The Slaughter girls got style.