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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Boy Job

So… last night, I was coming home from a women’s event in Rogers. It was around 8:30 pm. Dark. Road construction to my left and right. I was unfamiliar with the area but not too concerned because of the two knowledgeable, alert navigators riding with me. (I won’t divulge their identities, but one name starts with an ‘E’ and the other with a ‘K’—both names consist of four letters each.) Not far from our departure point, one of said navigators advises me rather harshly to make a left-hand turn. I did so, and seconds later, the glow of flashing blue lights appears in my rear view mirror. Great. The navigators tell me to pull over, and not long after, Mr. Policeman cautiously approaches my window and explains that he pulled me over after I rolled right through a stop sign without stopping. Awesome. He then asks to see my license, registration, and proof of insurance. I hand him my driver’s license, my registration, and what I believe to be proof of insurance until he informs me that it isn’t current. And in my mind, I’m already yelling at Matt Slaughter. Ok, so yeah, I should probably know where that is, but c’mon! That is a boy job. Can I get an amen?

So, Mr. Policeman walks back to his car with lights still flashing, and we wait like a band of shameful drug smugglers for the verdict. Ticket? Or no ticket? I should have prayed, but I was so mad at Matt that I didn’t even think about talking to Jesus—apparently another mistake. In my defense, I never once saw a stop sign and neither did my alert navigators. Again, there was a lot of road construction, so I’m guessing the sign was in a weird spot… or invisible… I didn’t go back to check.

When Mr. Policeman gets back to the car, he informs me that he is giving me a citation for running the stop sign but not for failing to show proof of insurance, which tells me that if I could have given him proof of insurance, maybe, just maybe, he’d have let me off with a warning. Stink! And ok, it’s not all Matt’s fault, but still… boy job!

Moral of the story? Ladies, go find an envelope, place inside your vehicle registration and CURRENT proof of insurance. Seal it. With a sharpie, write on envelope, "HAND THIS TO POLICE OFFICER IN THE EVENT OF INVISIBLE STOP SIGN." 'Being prepared' doesn't have to be just for boy scouts.


sara said...

OH bummer. That has totally happened to me!

Robyn said...

I feel somewhat responsible...I should have warned you about those stop signs!

Annie said...

Funny, Blaine got the same ticket a few weeks ago in Johnson, though he got the lack of proof of insurance ticket too. Probably because he's a guy though. :-)

BUT, Paul thought is was a GIRL JOB...MY JOB!!!! Whatever.

and yes, blame it all on Robyn.

The Ward's said...

I just got one of those last month! The officer said I failed to stop. Yeah right! Who doesn't stop at a stop sign fwtih two small children in the car? Not me of course! HE disagreed and wrote me a 140.00 ticket! WOW!!

Kathy Ferguson said...

Unfortunately I have had my share of experiences with the flashing blue lights. I always wanted to scream "go find some real criminals!" when i was sitting in my car with five dirty coffee cups rolling around, carseats with small children and McDonalds trash piled on the floor...shouldn't they be looking for drug dealers or bank robbers? Not mommies with small children who are out for a harmless night with other mommies with small children? give us a break on rolling stops and lane violations!

Jill said...

Ok, I was laughing so hard, I was crying! I'm in the kitchen and Mike's in the living room and he's asked me 3 times what I'm "cackling" about in here and I can't answer because I'm still laughing!!!!!
My GOSH, that was a funny post!

Superchikk said...

I must confess, I am the one responsible for that proof of insurance at our house.

However, several years ago a new one came in for Husband's car. I put it on the counter and for weeks told him to take it and put it in his glove box. He didn't.

He got pulled over...without current proof of insurance. When the officer asked him about it, Husband told him that his wife had been nagging him for weeks to put the new one in his car. The officer laughed and gave him a citation, but it would be voided as soon as he showed proof of insurance at the police station.

I've never had to tell him twice again.

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