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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Belle, Dru, and Jeb were able to spend some time with their sweet cousins, Madee and Gabe, this Thanksgiving. We took the opportunity to get some pictures that, surprisingly, turned out really well considering all the kids are 5 years old and under.

I also wanted to report I have been getting lots of writing done on my book but would appreciate your prayers.... specifically for continued motivation and most of all, opportunity. Many times the picture below describes how I go about writing which, you can understand, is not ideal. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's been a long time coming.


Lori said...

Are those your brother's children? Love the pic of Belle and Dru, by the way!

The Jordon Family said...

Mommy, he just wants to help you write :) Let his precious toes do the talkin

Liz Herron said...

Good luck with that writing. Just so you know, every time you have posted a little section on your book, I have always come away wanting to read the whole thing. ;-) I still can't believe how big your kiddos are getting.

Cindy said...

Cousins...I love them.
We had lots of cousins at this year's Thanksgiving dinner and more will be here in a couple of days when the fly in from VA.
I'm so excited to see them

I will be praying about your book. It sounds like you are so close. Congratulations in advance.

Bless you, Cindy

Cindy said...

Hey Friend,

I just wanted to let you know that I am still praying for your family.
I miss your blog posts but understand when you need to keep your priorities in line.
If there is anything you really need prayer about you are more than welcome to email me.

Keep in touch, Cindy