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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blog Card

I tried. I really really did. But getting a successful Slaughter Christmas card this year just proved to be much bigger than me. Yes. I am a failure. Tonight was my final attempt at coming up with a good enough picture to stuff inside 75+ envelopes to send out to family and friends. My kids were cooperative enough. I just didn't like the final result. Therefore, I have resigned myself to the fact that doing a 'blog card' this year is acceptable. I know... I know.. it's the slacker's way out. But I've decided that this is one area in which I can take some stress off me without dire consequences. So, if you are used to receiving a card from me every year, I apologize. Just look at it this way... now instead of trudging out to your mailbox in the cold, our lovely card is only a click away. (Doesn't make me feel any better either.) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Superchikk said...

I love it. We don't send Christmas cards either for many reasons. The main one being my own laziness. And the stamps. I hate sticking stamps.

Anyway, I love your card. It looks great!

Elizabeth said...

Angela, I love the card. And I think a blog card is just as good as the real thing. I was definitely tempted this year.

I have a card to send you but no address. E-mail me and I'll get it out!
I hope your family has a merry Christmas. It's fun having a new baby to celebrate with !

The Jordon Family said...

Merry Christmas Slaughters!!

Annie said...

Love it! I emailed ours which is almost worse since apparently I missed a few people in the mass email. Did you get one? If not, sorry. :-)