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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I had a crazy day yesterday. On top of all the running around I had to do, I felt like poo. This morning I can't speak above a whisper b/c of my throat. Bad for me. Great for Matt and the kids.

I thought I'd post these pictures from yesterday to demonstrate the day's craziness. I'll let them speak for themselves other than to point out... if you wonder what the 'smudge' is above Jeb's right eye in the bathtub picture, please refer back to the second sentence and the descriptive word for how I felt yesterday. (Oh, if you could only see under his neck.... I just don't get how that happens.)


Superchikk said...

I had a week full of those days last week...C's sheets were washed three times last week. THREE TIMES. And there were probably a couple of days they should've been, but I just didn't want to look too hard.

I feel ya. Hope you get better soon! And Jeb too!

Kathy said...

Did anyone eat the bug? If not, you did okay. I could tell you a story about Suzy and a tick, but I won't! I hope you are feeling better!

Boni said...

Poor thing! I hope you are feeling better. Jeb's hair is adorable! (My girls are dressed like Dru at least one day every weekend!)

Cindy said...

Oh please tell me you didn't find another one of those 'bugs' in your house again!

Sorry you are feeling yucky. I have a double ear infection and a sinus infection. I have NEVER had an ear infection ~ I guess it's all those sick kids I work with at the pediatric office. YUCKY~~

Get better and don't worry about the 'poo' it happens to the best of kids (mommies).

Courtney Hudson said...

Really? ANother freaky bug. Ew, I bet you love your new house but weren't planning on all that "unwanted company!" Call the exterminator, or I will..ha