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Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Nothingness

A couple things for this Friday. Pointless things of absolutely no redeeming value. Please take a moment to remove your thinking caps.


It airs on ABC Tuesday nights 10/9 Central. Get your DVR's ready!!!! For a sneak peek at next week's episode or to watch last week's online, go HERE. I love being an Eli Stone promoter!


1.) I am ecstatic that Eli Stone is back. It is possibly my favorite show on tv right now. Love it. Love it. If you don't already, put it on your DVR list.

2.) I have to put this in writing b/c it drives me CRAZY. Each and every time people on tv have a container of coffee (like a Starbucks cup) and pretend to be drinking from it, it is clearly empty. When they sit it down it makes an empty noise. When they drink from it, it is incredibly fake. For the sake of good acting, why can they not actually put something in those cups?

3.) We are going to the pumpkin patch this weekend, so I promise pictures. For anyone in NW Arkansas, Ranalli's in Tontitown in the place to go. (I'm secretly hoping to run into the Duggar Family and the TLC crew. I saw them in the mall on Monday. I had stars in my eyes.)

4.) How can Abby leave County General? Thanks, Luca.

5.) My husband's golf coaching career is over for the time being. Praise you, Lord.

6.) He's going to Haiti in January for over a week. ONLY because he's going for Jesus have I not filed for divorce.

7.) Every time I sit here and type on my computer a little squirrel comes to the window and stares at me. I swear one time he knocked on it. One of these days, I'm going to get a picture. Matt thinks I've lost my mind when I tell him about my squirrel friend. (Ok, maybe he didn't knock on it intentionally, but there was definitely knocking.)

8.) I've had three pumpkin spice lattes this week. That equals 1140 calories and 153 grams of carbs. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.

9.) Best quote I've heard all week... of course from Eli Stone. "You're one of those people for whom normal is a failure of potential." Love it. (MS and ZK, are you reading this?????)


Susan Pruitt said...

Ok, who is Eli Stone? Never heard of him!

Annie said...

ditto. Eli Stone?

when are you going to the pumpkin patch, we're going this weekend too. if dru finds out ethan is going, we're all in trouble!

The Jordon Family said...

Ok HI! First of all I agree 100% on getting some stinking coffee in those starbuck/fake cups .. Hate it!
We're hitting the pumpkin patch too, not sure if it will be today or over the weekend, we have football and more football, and a birthday party and Deric's Homecoming dance... Also, on your squirrel friend, we have one too.. he licks our bricks by the front door??? don't get it.. My dad say's they are getting some kind of salt off of them?!? Who knows... they are friendly around here....

The Jordon Family said...

Oh yeah, who is Eli Stone?

Chasing rainbows and shooting stars said...

I love reading your blogs!

The Hons said...

LOL... you crack me up girl.. Is Eli Stone good? I have never watched it.

Miller Family said...

We love Eli Stone as well and are looking forward to it coming back on the air. Too bad we're not in AR, we'd have a party. :-)

Suzanne Millstein said...
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