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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2 minute Soap Box

Foreword: If you know me, you know I have not sent one political, party-biased forward, campaigned for any presidential candidate, or even hinted about my political leanings in this blog or via email. That being said... I'm due one small go on my soapbox.

Discernment. The election is less than a week ago. Clearly, the country is at a tremendous crossroads. I know the plan for America was constructed even before He created the Earth, and that should be a huge comfort. But if I'm being honest... 'where we are'-- or perhaps, 'where we're going'--is frightening to me. Webster's says 'discernment' means keenness of insight and judgement. So, where is it? Where is the good judgement? I hear Christians talking. I hear the opinions. I can't see God. I can't make out the discernment.

I believe that if we ask, God will let us know how to vote on election day. I'm sure that must sound crazy to some. But Jeremiah 29:13 says, "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart." I not only believe Christians aren't seeking Him with all their heart, I don't believe many Christians are seeking God in this at all. Are we so cavalier and self-serving that we feel we can make such important decisions alone.. that we can do this life alone? I believe therein lies the problem. I believe that if we don't look to Him in this, He may eventually just let us have a go at it.

I'm just saying... let's get on our knees, pour our hearts out to God, ask Him what He wants for this country, get up and do what He says. If He says, "McCain", then McCain. If He says, "Obama", then Obama. His Word says if we'll ask, He'll tell us. So, why aren't we asking? Isn't that how we go through life? We ask for God's guidance and help, and we try to adhere to what He tells us to do? Why is this any different? Why do we insist on keeping God out of the election process? I don't get it.

I would love to sit at home, play with my kids, make scarecrow cakes, and not worry about where we're going as a nation. I can't. I'm concerned and praying for the blinders to come off of a nation who knows better. I'm praying for a little discernment...


Nel said...

Well said Angela! I too believe if we get on our knees God will tell us how we need to vote. He is always there...if we will just be still and listen.

Superchikk said...

Well said.

But to me, the most important issue is the murder of unborn children. Everything else is important, but secondary.

The Jordon Family said...

Not to be gloom and doom here, but there isn't going to be any good coming out of anything or anybody if we can't put God first..
It won't matter who get's president if God isn't first..

Cindy said...

Amen to that!
Prayer is our answer to all of life's questions and concerns.
And of course all of life's joys.