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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Texting with Matt

The following has been typed verbatim.

Angela: My email to you is stuck in my outbox.

Matt: Fixed yet

Angela: Just sent.

Matt: Your sent.

Angela: "You're"

Matt: No your.

Angela: Your what? Your is possessive.

Matt: Your possessive.

Angela: "YOU'RE!"

Matt: No, your possessive.

Angela: Stop before I pull my hair out. Grammar abuser.

Matt: I have no idea what your taliking about

Angela: Stop texting me.


Jill said...

LOL!!! Seriously, I'm totally laughing right now. That incorrect usage drives me bonkers too!!

Sharon said...

CRACKS ME UP! Seriously! I'm going to show this to my other "grammar police" friends!

The Jordon Family said...

That is funny! I needed a laugh today, trust me, so thanks guys :)

Boni said...

That is hilarious! I am in the living room alone and laughing out loud! (the TV is on an Advair commercial, so people would think I was crazy if they were watching me!)

Tina said...

had a similar experience today...can totally relate.

Sandra said...

Just found your blog from . . . well, I honestly don't remember, but I have enjoyed reading! The girls' new bedroom is super cute! I just laughed out loud at this post. I'm not sure if I enjoy the conversation or the fact that you typed a text convo out, but I think both are awesome! I would totally do bot of these things, myself!