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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

6 Very Random Pieces of Information on a Tuesday

Random Piece of Information #1) Things are beginning to seem normal around here. I am getting this whole 'shot before eating' thing down. (I think.) If there's any word I can think of to describe it, it would probably be 'inconvenient.' But I can handle a little inconvenience if it makes me feel better. And I have felt SO much better this past week (with one or two small exceptions). Who knows? This may even help improve my math skills. (Or not.) Bottom line... my numbers are CRAZY better. Yay!

Random POI #2) I ran out of deodorant the other day and asked Matt to run in Wal-Mart and grab me some. I told him, "Something fruity or coconutty or beachy." I know. I'm twelve. I just like deodorant to smell fun. Don't judge. Apparently, Matt decided to go his own way. This is what he brought back.

Seriously? Sexy Intrigue? He was so proud of himself. It didn't get him anywhere if you're wondering.

Random POI #3) We are getting things in order to totally re-do the girls' room. The dollhouse bed is out, and we are getting rid of all the 'little girl' decor. We are going fun and funky! I'm super excited, and Belle and E Dru can't wait. (Especially since they're sleeping on mattresses on the floor.) Here's a peek of something I'm working on....

Random POI #4) My sweet, sweet husband has been such a trooper through all this change going on in our house. He has treated me like a princess, but that's nothing unusual. Yesterday, Belle, Jeb, and I all had a fever over 101. When he came home from work, he brought me these. I love tulips. And let me just be honest. I don't deserve them. This house is a wreck and has been for about a week. I'm glad he loves me anyway.

Random POI #5) Something constantly on my mind, our trip to Brazil. We have received our itinerary, and we are going to be extremely busy. I am excited and nervous about every part of it. Recife is beautiful, though. Our hotel is near this beach.

Random POI #6) One of these days, Jeb is going to yell at us for having so much fun at his expense. But that boy is just so darn funny. The other day, I took him outside to take some pictures. I told him to 'jump,' and this is what he gave me.

I sent this picture to Matt this morning with the subject line, "He MIGHT be a dork." Matt's response, "At least he got one leg up." And I laughed out loud.


Boni said...

So much information in that post! I am SO glad you feel better.

And Jeb = SO CUTE! Seriously, if you decide you want an arranged marriage, Hannah or Catherine...your choice! :)

Alicia said...

Love the green! Jeb's jump is awesome! Give him some time...he could still be a track star like his dad one day (just maybe not the high jump or long jump!)

Leanne said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! :)

Aimee Bryan said...

The whole thing cracks me up! Can't wait to hear about the girls' room.

Erica said...

That's the deoderant I'm using right now! I think it smells great!! Glad you're feeling better!!

Nel said...

I am so glad your numbers are better!
And the girls room is going to be fun, I am sure they will love it.
And the jump is precious, yes he will give you a hard time one of these days. lol
Matt bless his heart, I am sure he was so proud of himself! Men!

until next time... nel