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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The White Cat, the Black Cat, the Rockstar, and Mummy Cookies

The Slaughter girls began Halloween 2009 by making mummy cookies. Check 'em out. They were fun and very yummy. Apparently, though, Estella had never heard of a 'mummy,' so I had to explain it to her. Her response, "I think I'll call them zombie cookies. I know what zombies are." Awesome.

After cookie making, we moved on to costumes!! Belle Slaughter has been asking to be a black cat for Halloween since she could speak, and this year, I finally gave in. (Of course, I gave her outfit my own special 'touch'.) Estella decided she wanted to be a white cat. Easy enough. And since Jeb couldn't care less, we made him a little rockstar, complete with mohawk, black fingernails, tattoo, and various piercings. Rock on.

Estella Dru as White Cat.

Black Cat Belle.

They said 'no' to face paint. I was only allowed to give them a pink nose.

With cousins, Lynlee (bumble bee) and Owen (honeycomb).

My kitties together.

White Cat's attempt to be fierce.

Rockstar Jeb was a moving target all night and DEFINITELY had the typical rockstar attitude. I had to post this one so you could see the tat and black nails.

LITERALLY a moving target.

Here's the rockin' dude on his way to his trick-or-treating gig in his leopard car seat.

My kitties trick or treating. They racked up.


Nel said...

How cute. I know they had a blast. Their costumes were cute!

Tosha said...

Hey girl! Love the outfits! I totally see your kitty cat roar in your girls! lol

Ben and Kristen said...

Love it!!!!

Neva said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! I really enjoy reading your blog :)

Cindy said...

Cute Kiddos...As Always!