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Monday, November 23, 2009

Squanto, by Estella Dru

For your viewing pleasure and in honor of Thanksgiving, I present to you the story of Squanto by Estella Dru (in her pajamas).

Oh, and if you are really interested in the story, you might want to check the history books. There may be a few discrepancies between what is written and what you just heard. Maybe.


sara said...

Wow! That was so adorable. The boys watched it with me and Avery said "Isn't she cute?" :) yes, she is.
I'm glad Squanto spoke human. whew!

By the way, are those your kitchen cabs in the background?? If so, LOVE Them. Did you ever post an after pic of your kitchen?

Guillen said...

I had always wondered what exact language Squanto spoke. I think I just may be fluent in human....hmmmm. Maybe not.

Erica said...

What a doll!

Princess said...

Too cute!!!

Brandy Matchett said...

i love how they toughthced them how to grow things.... that is so cute.

Jill said...

They spoke human. That. Is. Awesome!! I love that girl.