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Thursday, November 5, 2009


This may not be big news to anyone but me, but it IS my blog. And I deem this extremely blogworthy.

When Matt and I moved into this house a little over a year ago, I fell in love with the two big trees in my new front yard.

And then... the ice storm came. And one of my trees ended up looking like this.

And finally... like this.

Recently, we had the stump removal guy come out and take care of the rest. It was a final goodbye to my beloved tree. Sniff. Sniff. Then last week, on Halloween, Matt's dad told Matt to hook up the trailer and they would go get me a new tree. But not just any tree... my all-time favorite. A magnolia! I know. It's a tree, Angela. Get over it. Honestly, I have been wanting a magnolia tree in my front yard since forever.

Isn't she gorgeous? Her name is Maggie, and I am crazy about her. Thanks, G-Pops. I may seriously cry when she starts to bloom. Who knew a tree could make me so happy?


sara said...

Oh I love her! I've always loved Magnolias. :)

Karey said...

I completely agree, I LOVE Magnolias. I have the best memories of climbing in my Grandma's huge Magnolia tree. I hope your kids will have the same fond memories with your Maggie.

Josh and Kate said...

They make the best climbing trees ever! I can remember climbing on my Mama's magnolia tree growing up with all my cousins. And now when we go there my boys enjoy it. My Mom now has one in her backyard and it's almost big enough for the boys to start climbing all over. I keep telling Josh we need one to replace our charlie brown tree in the front yard that also bit the dust during the ice storm. Enjoy yours, it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

In the spring, just give me a shout and I can come over and help trim it up.


Chris said...

I lost a beautiful tree in the last 'high wind' storm, whatever the weather people want to call it, but I heard a tornado come thru! We lost 2 trees and half our barn. Yesterday we replanted a tree, APPLE tree! I am sorry for losing your tree! But the new one is beautiful!