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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yea, Golf Team!

So, I will admit to, at times, becoming a tad frustrated with being stuck at home with my three kids for hours while my husband 'hangs out' on the golf course. I will also admit to a bit of eye rolling. Maybe a cross word. Or two. Y'all, I just wasn't cut out to be a coach's wife. I DO NOT KNOW how you football wives do it! And it's not that I don't like golf. I just don't understand a single second of it. I'm learning, though... slowly.

That said, I am SO proud of the Shiloh Golf team. Today they won their regional tournament and will compete in state next month. Way to go, guys! I promise, from here on out, to be TOTALLY supportive. GO GOLF!!


Sarah Fries said...

Yay!! Go Shiloh golf team! I'm very partial to 2 of those guys in that picture!