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Friday, September 11, 2009

Texting Entertainment

I was just reviewing some text messaging threads between Matt and me. They are always so entertaining. I thought I would share. They span over a couple of days, so they may not make a lot of sense. Still... entertaining.

Me: Is someone gonna help you get the washer?

Matt: You
Matt: You did help me carry the picnic table.
Matt: Plus you're doing body pump.

(Side note: I almost killed myself with that picnic table and shed actual tears. And I did body pump twice and shamefully dropped out.)

Me: Shut up.

Matt: YOU shut up.

Matt: Feeling better?

Me: Yes.

Matt: K. I love you. Want to go to lunch?

Me: No money.

Matt: Yes. I have enough for lunch.

Me: Where'd you get it? You pimpin?

Matt: Yes, and it's really hard work. Where you want to go?

Me: PF Changs

Matt: WHAT?!

Me: Pimps make lots of cash.

Matt: yea but they don't eat Chinese food.

Me: I don't know where else pimps like to take their girls.

Matt: Jason's Deli, but...

Me: But what?

Matt: You have problems ordering there.

Me: It's only the most terrifying ordering situation known to man. Can't go there.

(Side note: I'm in a cold sweat thinking about ordering at Jason's Deli.)

Matt: Where would you like?

Me: J D is fine as long as you go through the line of death by yourself.

Pimping and Body Pump... Our conversations are not for the faint of heart.

On a similar note, we have recently been introduced to Skype. Jeb loves to Skype Daddy in his office. I'm sure it drives Matt crazy when he's trying to work. Oh well! I love this picture.


Kari Beth said...

hilarious! you guys are great! i've noticed oprah loves skyping! i might have to get in on some of that action!

The Ward's said...

Ok so I am cracking up! Once again. So I find Jason's Deli terrifying too! Love the not like to order. Have no idea what to order..where to order...where to pay..pick up your food? HUH? Way too many things to do there!:)

Superchikk said...

Ya'll are funny. We like to Skype too, but Husband doesn't have a webcam at work. He'll have one soon though, and we'll be bugging him all the time!

Melissa McCrotty said...

I could not LOVE your blog more. Please write a book. I'll buy it.