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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daddy Spotting

The Shiloh/Evangel game is televised tonight. I really wanted to be there, but Matt had to be involved in all the 'fuss'. And one parent plus three children isn't my idea of fun. So, the girls and Jeb and I watched it from home. Instead of being super 'into' the actual game, the girls made up their own game called, "Find Daddy." We waited and searched and waited and searched until finally... we spotted him. The girls started jumping up and down and screaming, and Jeb, of course, followed right along. Matt just happened to be in the frame, but you'd have thought he was the star of the evening. They were so proud.

(Not sure what E Dru's do rag is all about. They are sort of a staple around here. Like mother, like daughter.)

Other than Daddy's tv appearance it was a big day also because it was Grandpa's 88th birthday. I plan on doing a post just for him, but that will probably happen next week. We plan on spending the weekend with him, and I hope to get lots of good pictures. So until then, Happy Birthday, Pawpaw/Grandpa!! And way to go, Matt. You're a super star to three little sweethearts !


Ben and Kristen said...

we'll just call that a dru rag. That is so fun that they got so excited about seeing him.