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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

House Pictures and Scariest Thing EVER

Ok. I have a few pictures tonight. Not many, but I can't bring myself to put up pictures of the rooms that aren't done. Like I said, it's a work in progress.

Our bedroom. I LOVE this room. It also has a sitting room attached where my computer and a big comfy chair sit.

Just another view because I love it so much.

This is questionable. I do NOT like the tile stuff on the fireplace, however, it isn't at the top of my list of "fix it" priorities. It will be taken care of sometime in the future. What were they thinking?

Just another living room shot. Actually you can't tell anything about the living room from this picture. Matt made me this armoire several years ago. I love it.

I'm insane over the tub. Matt is mounting our flatscreen on the wall in front of it. Heaven.

Just another bathroom shot. (Keep in mind we are re-doing all of the cabinets at some point.)

This is Matt trying to be funny. I MAY be a little obsessive with my new house. I re-did all the hardware pieces in the bathroom. (By the way, if you have anything that is ugly gold or silver, go to Lowe's and buy a can of Rubbed Oil Bronze spray paint. It's incredible. Cheap, easy fix.) Anyway, so I told Matt to please not hang his wet towels on my newly painted towel hook because it is "pretty" not "functional". Well, I hung my cover up on it this afternoon, and this is the note I found tonight. He's hysterical.

Ok, I feel I must warn you, IF YOU SCARE EASILY, PLEASE STOP READING AND LOOK AWAY NOW! If you know me well, you know I have "issues" with statue faces. I'm not talking Lincoln Memorial or old Civil War hero on the town square kind of statues. I mean like little garden elves or painted Santas and ESPECIALLY scary angel faces. Basically, anything that has a 'human-looking" face just completely freaks me out. So... imagine my reaction when I walk out in my new back yard to find that the previous owners had left us this...

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! You can't look away, can you? You must click on the picture to make it bigger and get the full effect. IS THIS NOT THE SCARIEST THING YOU'VE EVER SEEN? Those eyes! Like it's about to pounce on you! Not a sweet messenger of God. It's like it's just waiting on me to come outside so it can get me. The horror!


The Fosters said...

Stop. Can't breathe.

Robyn said...

It looks beautiful! You have been working hard!

And yes, that angel is very creepy.

Susan Pruitt said...

Your husband is very handy huh? Your house is very beautiful and I am sure you will be very proud when you get it all done. About the "human face" thing, and I wont even try to spell this, the puppets with human heads.....they freak me out. They had one a church camp every night and I had serious problems. Megan and I didnt sit together during the services but, during dinner she said "that puppet freaks me out". So, she doesnt like them either. Cant wait to come and see you. Have a great wednesday. I am heading to Little Rock for yet another Dr.s appt. Please remember me in your prayers. Ok I will shut up now!

Chris said...

Your house looks beautiful! Matt? Can build furniture? OMGosh! You should have a house full of new furniture! LOL I am so excited for you and happy! ENJOY your new home with your beautiful family...and for the yard ornament, leave it! You need to face your fears...LOL, LOL, LOL, laughing my guts out, lol, lol JUST KIDDING!

Annie said...

Sure is coming along, and looking great! Get that creapy thing out of the backyard before I bring my daughter over to play. :-)

Liz Herron said...

I LOVE your house Ang!! I am amazed that you are that settled already! I am so glad that you were finally able to sell the siloam house and move!

The Ward's said...

The house looks beautiful! You have added your wonderful touch!!
I love it!

Sharon said...

So cute! You've done great!!

sara said...

I love all the pictures! Man, you work fast!! :)