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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lynlee and Slobber Game

Today is our sweet niece, Lynlee's, 2nd birthday. It seems like she was born just yesterday. Here are some pictures of Belle and Dru with her after her grand debut and also a recent one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOP! We love you, Smart Girl!

On a different note, we played the slobber game this morning just like we do every morning, and just like every morning, I laugh till it hurts. The rules are simple. The girls lay on either side of me on the bed and cannot move. (Even a slight move can mean disqualification.) I hold Jeb in the airplane position and move him from side to side over everyone very slowly. Whoever the slobber drips on is the loser. And since I'm the one actually holding the slobberer, I almost never lose. It is hilarious, and the girls actually ask to play every morning. This morning I gave Belle the camera and asked her to take his picture from her perspective. If you'll look closely at the first one, you can actually see the slobber falling. Gross, yes, but SO much fun.


Susan Pruitt said...

I love all the pics Ang! I am so glad that you think of me when you go to Hot Springs! How could I ever forget? Those were the days! Good luck with the move, that is a lot of work. But, atleast your not moving out of the country, ha!

Superchikk said...

Love the slobber game! We'll have to remember that one!

Chris said...

I LOVE this story and I can just see you 'all' in the bed laughing, not breathing.....I love reading your blog. I feel like it was yesterday when we saw each other last!

Oh, yes I did take the picture of my lantern, when you drive in my driveway (2nd cattle guard) it hangs on the post! I take all my pictures you see! Girl its the camera, NOT me...LOL