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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Belle, Bath time, and Best Wife Ever

A few nights ago we went to check on Belle in her bed and discovered she had made a pillow fort and was sound asleep inside. It was really cute. A little weird, but really cute.

Today, Jeb had a ton of fun at bath time. He splashed so hard that my pants got so wet I had to change. He makes me laugh every single day. I love my baby boy. Isn't he cute in his little towel? Thanks, Stacey!

Tonight I made my husband tacos. I hate tacos. I hate the way they smell. I hate the way they look. I hate tacos. I do, however, love to make him happy. So, after tacos, I made him Mexican Nachos. At least that's what they call them at Abuelos. It involves deep frying a flour tortilla, smothering it in sugar and cinnamon, heaping on vanilla ice cream, and squeezing on carmel and chocolate syrup. I wouldn't even want to think about the number of calories. Matt ate two. He's not feeling so well at the moment. I'm still proclaiming myself Best Wife Ever for the night. I made tacos.

(*UPDATE: Matt is so sick. He is supposed to be watching Jeb but can barely raise his head up. He just confessed to eating 6 tacos and 1/2 the bowl of rotel dip. I love Jeb's face in this picture... completely oblivious to his daddy's misery.)


Superchikk said...

Ha! That's what he gets for overloading on the Mexican food. It will do it to you every time!

And I would say that making anything deep-fried qualifies you as the best wife ever. I hate to fry stuff! But that dessert looks ah-ma-zin!

Zach and Erin Kennedy said...

ok...Matt does look miserable. Mabye next time he can just eat 5 tacos!!!

Sharon said...

Best Wife Ever for sure! I LOVE those Mexican Nachos! I've never thought about making them! Way to go!

Annie & Paul said...

Aren't kids amazing? Would you ever think to make a pillow fort to sleep in? I wouldn't.

Hate tacos? That is not normal, but you are Wife of the Month for doing all that. The desert looked like a stinkin' chef made it! Way to go!

Annie & Paul said...

oh...where did you get that towel? I totally want to get one made for Courtney.

Kim Hon said...

Okay girl.... could you possibly have a more beautiful little family. I thought that no one could look more like you than Dru does, but my goodness,,,, Jeb takes the cake. And you... you havent changed at all, or aged at all in 15 years. How in the world do you do it chick. Miss hearing from you. You can email me at still. Love you guys.

Kim Hon

Jill said...

Totally loved the dessert! Did you go to culinary school or something? Honestly - that was pretty. Belle reminds me of Rachel. That is for sure something she would think to do. It's all about prentending. And Jeb - I mean, seriously. Could that kid get any cuter?! Oh my word!!!