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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weekend at Paw-paw's

We had a nice couple of days at Paw-paw's house. We drove down on Friday and came back Saturday evening. It was the first time Grandpa was able to meet Jeb. I think he was pretty proud of him. The girls walked down to the field below Grandpa's house and picked Easter flowers with Matt. It was a yearly tradition we had with Grandma. I couldn't make myself go this time. Maybe next year. Anyway... we had a nice time with Grandpa, and I think he enjoyed us being there. I got a few good pictures that I wanted to share. I also plan on trying to get some good ones tomorrow in our Easter attire. That's easier said than done. Stay tuned....


The Ward's said...

Your pictures are so cute. The girls are getting so big and so cute and Jeb is an absolute doll! He is precious! Hope you are doing well!