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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tornado Tuesday

Wow. Over the past two days, our family has had its share of storms. Last night, the girls and I spent over an hour in the bathtub with a mattress nearby, while tornado sirens blared and policemen circled the neighborhood with loud speakers telling everyone to "take cover now." Praise God, the rough stuff missed us.

Then this morning, Grandpa called me with news that a tornado had just touched down only half a mile (at most) from his house in Appleton, AR. Apparently, the damage is horrible, and a friend of the family was killed. As far as we can tell, there was little if no warning. We are SO blessed that it missed Grandpa's home, but he is pretty upset about the effect it had on his friends and their homes and property. Thank you to everyone who called/emailed/texted me today to check on him and also to those who called him and went by to see him. That really meant a lot to me (since I am a few hours away) and to him as well. Please say a prayer for everyone affected, especially the Carters who lost a member of their family.

(The picture is what is left of a little church that sat beside a cemetery near Grandpa's home. Grandma and I went there many times for decorations, and I'm told it was over 100 years old. So sad that it's gone.)


sara said...

Wow, that is scary & sad....I'm glad you guys are alright. Tornados are SO SCARY!

Sharon said...

Unreal! I HATE storms! So glad you and your family are ok. Not to mention Grandpa! Bless his heart!