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Monday, January 21, 2008

Jeb's Room

Aside from a few decorative items here and there, Jeb's room is pretty much done. We really like how it has turned out--sort of rustic, woodsy, ALL boy. The bedding is Sky Forest by Dwell and is just perfect for what we wanted. Matt did the letters above the crib. (For anyone who doesn't know, Jeb is being named after my Grandpa whose name is James Earl Burris... We just used his initials.) Then the curtain rod is actually a peach tree limb from Grandpa's backyard. The picture frames on the wall are from Matt's Grandpa John and Granny Pat, so everything sort of has a purpose. Imagine that. I thought I'd go ahead and post a few pictures.

Other than a little hospital stay on Monday that ended with an ultrasound and finally an "everything is fine" from the doctor, things have been good--that is, aside from having to watch everything I eat and feeling hungry most of the time. I would KILL for a box... no a crate... of Milk Duds.

The only other news we have, I suppose, is that Matt is training for the Hogeye marathon this April. So, he is losing weight like crazy as I gain. He is getting up every morning around 5am and running for miles and miles in this FRIGID weather. I'm proud of him. I think he's crazy, but I'm proud of him.

We have a big weekend planned... a marriage retreat in Branson. Hopefully we'll have some fun news after.


Sharon said...

First of all..Branson retreat, the beginings of our friendship! PJ party?! Second of all...Jeb's room is perfect! So cute, so boy! Great job! Then, YOU LOOK GREAT!!! I just couldn't imagine you pregnant, but you are just the same w/a basketball up your shirt! I know you are ready, but you look amazing!!!

Zach and Erin Kennedy said...

No way he is going to finish the marathon. No way.

How is that for motivation?


Kate said...

His room is so boy! I love it. You will do wonderful with a boy. I can't wait till Jeb arrives. And can I just say, you still continue to look awesome even when you are just a few weeks away from having him. You go girl! Love you.

sara said...

The room looks great!! I love the letters! Did you get a new crib? I was thinking Dru had a white one.

Well, the room is ready, Jeb can come now! :)

Ben and Kristen said...

Hey Angela! I just found your blog through Zach and Erin's. Congrats on your boy! They are a ton of fun.