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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Celery Snowman

Our turn to post snow pictures! The girls LOVED playing outside, and yes, we have our own snowman. I may have talked a big game about him, (Sharon), but the poor little guy is really pathetic. All I could find was an old Razorback hat and some celery. Bless his little snow heart.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Matt gets to stay home tomorrow again. Siloam schools are already closed. We had so much fun all being at home together today. We even made snow ice cream, which Matt hates but the girls and I love. (Of course I couldn't have any b/c of the sugar, but it was fun for Belle and Dru.)

Ok, so I think the Slaughter snowman definitely wins out over the Kennedy and Scogin snowman. He just has more character. The celery put him over the top.


Ben and Kristen said...

Precious Pictures!
I'm at

Sharon said...

NO way a celery snowman can win! I think the Strike King hat wins out for sure!!!

Zach and Erin Kennedy said...

There is now way the celery snowboy can win over the fruit snack king. Celery? Really?

sara said...

well woo hoo for all you parents of the year who built snowmans with your children. ;)

Daniel, Gretchen, and Caden Miller said...

Your girls are beautiful!!! And your snowman... well that's another story. :-)