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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Return to Normal

Since December 18, my entire family has been home with me. In this house. All of them. All day long. And whereas I love every single one of them more than anything on earth, I need my routine. I just do. And since December 18, I've been thrown. If Christmas break wasn't long enough, then we had the snow week. Then, yesterday, I was SO ready for normalcy again. It was Monday. The snow had melted. Everyone was headed back to work/school, and what did I do? I had to go and get sick. Matt was home all day taking care of me and Jeb, bless his heart. He is so precious. But it set me back again. Another day away from the return of normal.

But today... today has been a good day. I feel much better. Matt is at work. The girls are at school. Life is starting to feel right again. Whew! It's about time.

This morning I got up and began the slow process of getting my house picked up and organized. Because it was trashed. I mean, really trashed. I started in the kitchen, and very soon I heard, "Hi, Mommy." He knows he's not supposed to climb up to the bar, but he does anyway. And normally, I would have made him get down, but today, I went to get my camera. It was a sweet sight. Just me and Jeb. Doing our thing. Just rollin' with our routine. I love it.