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Monday, October 12, 2009

Before and After

One day last week, this is how I sent my kids to school. All cute and put together nicely in their little uniforms.

And this is how they came home.

Seriously, Slaughter girls. It looks like I picked you up off the side of the road! I hope other mommies can relate.


sara said...

Avery always looks a hot mess when I pick him up! He usually has some part of his lunch all over his shirt. At least one pencil or marker stain and either grass or mud stains. And often leaves at least one item (jacket, lunch box, etc.) at school. Yes, I can relate!

Boni said...

HANNAH is my worst offender! She always looks like I found her under a rock. Hair bow out, clothes dirty, shoes on the wrong feet. I wonder what she does all yes, I can TOTALLY relate!

Josh and Kate said...

If we ever go anywhere after I pick Peyton up from school, I have to always have a change of clothes with us. Half his lunch and marker stains are all over him. Yes, I can relate and I'm sure every Mom you ask can as well.

Katie said...

Angie ~ I can relate, and Z isn't even two yet. ; )

Your girls are too cute.

The Jordon Family said...

UH, Yea ..... Have you seen my child's hair after school ???
And her shirt on ravioli day???
Or her pants after her teacher let's them play OUTSIDE after RAIN while I myself and other mom's sit in the car line pulling their hair out because of it???
Sorry, I needed to vent on that one :)

Sarah Fries said...

I can't tell a difference minus their jackets!!

I definitely look like someone picked me up from the side of the road when I get home from work!