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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wedding Weekend

We were back in Russellville this weekend. Grandpa seems to be doing much better. Please continue to pray his progress continues. Also, while at home, we had a wedding to be a part of! Seth and LeeAnne were in our youth group when we were at Oak Grove. They were just kids then, and now... all grown up and getting married. So hard to believe. Matt helped officiate the wedding, and Belle was the flower girl. Estella Dru was given the very important title of Assistant Wedding Coordinator. (She got to tell everyone, including the bride, when it was time to walk out.) Very key position.

The wedding was at the Lake Dardanelle marina, and the setting was just perfect. We were honored to be part of Seth and LeeAnne's day.

At the rehearsal. What a pair.

These two were also quite the little couple.

Belle at the river. Her hair was extra curly when we first did it, but the humidity was just too much.

I bought an entire bag of jelly beans and stuffed them down Jeb's face throughout the ceremony. I knew it was my only chance to actually sit and watch the wedding. Don't judge me.

Beautiful little flower girl.

The flower girl and her ring bearer. These two were inseparable.

Gorgeous setting for a wedding.

Other than it being 175,000 degrees outside, everything was perfect. Look at that sunset.


Sharon said...

Very pretty girls!! I hear ya on the hot wedding. My cousin is getting married in Little Rock, OUTSIDE, at 2:00, on Aug. 29th. Not to mention I will be 33 weeks prego! (The reception is outside too!) OMG! I think I'm going to die!

sara said...

I totally would have been stuffing the jelly beans too! Food is my key to get my kids to behave in public! ;)

Karey said...

I completely believe in bribery with food. On our trip to St. Louis, Nash ate Teddy Grahams, Ice Cream, Goldfish, and anything else I had lying around. He is not a very good traveler, but we made it. Belle looked beautiful!

Chris said...

175,000 degrees? I don't see any sweat beads on you girl! You look wonderful!

What a sweet wedding!

Superchikk said...

What do you mean don't judge you for feeding your baby jelly beans? At my sister's wedding a few months ago, I had a whole tub full of toys and three different snacks to keep C quiet! Ha!

The Lombard Clan said...

I bribe my kids to be quiet too!!! Typically with food/candy...I don't blame you one bit ha ha!! The kids looked so cute!!