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Thursday, August 27, 2009

No Words.

There just aren't any words for this one.


Maybe a lesson, though. If one of the other children screams, "Jeb Alert! Come quick! Jeb Alert!," Matt and I need to heed the warning a bit faster.

If you will notice, he is stopping up the sink in hopes of filling it to the top.



Jill said...

I'm already on about my 10th time watching this! Oh. My. Gosh!

Michelle Weir said...

Oh Angela, Boys are definitely different. What a mess he is! Someday you will look back a laugh and he is just giving you wonderful memories!!

sara said...

How in the world did he get in there?!

I'm glad you have a boy. :)

Ross and Lisa Green said...

Oh my goodness. I am in for a totally different world, aren't I? At least he will bring new excitement to our family!

Annie said...

hm. courtney just watched that with me. bad idea. i can see her wheels a turnin'. i looked at her and said "you don't do that" and she just looks back with that "you know i'm going to anyway, why did you give me the idea" look.