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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Slaughter Girls Q and A

Today my girls were having a conversation in the kitchen about what "Mommy likes the most." I listened for a while, then decided to ask them some questions about what they 'know' or 'think they know' about Matt and me. The answers were so funny I had to write them down. The following is the list of questions and the girls' answers verbatim. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. (Just for clarification... there was NO PROMPTING involved!)

1. What is Mommy's favorite thing to do?

Belle: "Lovin' on Daddy." (Didn't see that one coming.)
E Dru: "Writing on the computer."

2. Where is Mommy's favorite place to eat?

Belle: "Chili's."
E Dru: "Chili's." (Both right.)

3. What does Mommy do best?

Belle: "Fix my hair."
E Dru: "Put bows in our hair." (I've clearly missed my calling.)

4. What does Mommy do worst?

Belle: "Cartwheels."
E Dru: "Cartwheels." (As you can imagine this answer is very strange to me. I can't even recall attempting a cartwheel since maybe jr. high.)

5. What drives Mommy crazy?

Belle: "Daddy's silliness." (So true.)
E Dru: "When we scream." (So true again.)

6. How old is Mommy?

Belle: 23 (Love it.)
E Dru: 16 (Awesome.)

7. What does Mommy not like?

Belle: "Riding bikes."
E Dru: "Me and Belle being mean to each other."

8. What is Mommy's favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Belle: "Mommy cereal." (AKA Cinnamon Pecan Special K)
E Dru: "Grapefruit with Splenda." (Love this, too.)

9. How long did Mommy go to school?

Belle: "10 years." (That would put me completing 9th grade only. Awesome.)
E Dru: "100 days." (Sweet Drusy.)

10. What did they teach Mommy in school?

Belle: "Math. Sewing. Plus and equals. A little science." (Oh, how I have failed you.)
E Dru: "Coloring. Mathing." (Ah, to be good at mathing...)

11. Is Mommy very smart?

Belle: "Yeah. You know how to do all that famous stuff."
E Dru: "Yes because you don't yell that much." (Great.)

12. Is Mommy a good mommy?

Belle: "Yes. All the time. Well, sometimes. No, all the time. Ummm. Can I just say sometimes?" (I did not ask for elaboration.)
E Dru: "Yes, and you love it when we listen to you." (Yes, I do.)

1. What is Daddy's favorite thing to do?

Belle: "Just sit around on the couch." (Again, no prompting involved.)
E Dru: "Drive." (Laughed out loud.)

2. Where is Daddy's favorite place to eat?

Belle: "Chili's like you."
E Dru: "Fun City." (A girl can dream.)

3. What does Daddy do best?

Belle: "Sit around on the couch."
E Dru: "Eat oranges." (I PROMISE these are not rigged.)

4. What does Daddy do worst?

Belle: "Cartwheels." (Again, with the cartwheels...)
E Dru: "Sing." (BINGO!!!)

5. What drives Daddy crazy?

Belle: "When he can't sit on the couch."
E Dru: "When we scream."

6. How old is Daddy?

Belle: "20."
E Dru. "17."

7. What does Daddy not like?

Belle: "Cleaning up." (I love this child.)
E Dru: "Honey Nut Cheerios."

8. What is Daddy's favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Belle: "Any cereal."
E Dru: "Cinnamon toast."

9. How long did Daddy go to school?

Belle: "5 years." (At least I got 10.)
E Dru: "Ummmm... 100 days like you did."

10. What did they teach Daddy in school?

Belle: "Just math."
E Dru: "How to scribble." (Again, laughed out loud.)

11. Is Daddy very smart?

Belle: "Yes because he married you." (Brilliant child.)
E Dru: "Yeah. He lett-ed me get a toy." (I'm really going to have to work on past tense verbs.)

12. Is Daddy a good daddy?

Belle: "Yes. He only sometimes gives us spankins, but he's still perfect." (Awww.)
E Dru: "Yes, he always is good." (I agree, Sweetie.)


Sarah Fries said...

That was hilarious and super cute! I laughed out loud several times. I could just picture you drilling them with these questions!

Superchikk said...

That's hilarious. And as for #6, somebody thinks you're the older one! Ha!