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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So I think I have totally redeemed myself. Monday night, we had Matt's parents over for dinner. This afternoon, I finally got around to the dishes, and there was a PILE of them. I walked up to the sink and looked from the pile to the dishwasher. From the pile to the dishwasher. From the pile to the dishwasher. I almost panicked and walked away. But instead, I made a commitment to myself that, today, the dishwasher would not defeat me. I. Could. Load. It. Strategically. And. Effectively. I was on a mission.

I needed to get all these....

Into this....

After several long minutes of mounting frustration, exhaustion, confusion, and near failure, I once again came close to simply walking away and saving them for Matt whose dishwasher loading skills are unmatched. However, I persisted. Even when this guy...

...who was sitting next to me in his high chair left me a little surprise in his diaper that made it near impossible to breath in the kitchen, I pressed on. (Dang those scrambled eggs.)

And here's the final result. Now, please don't look too close. There are some questionable arrangements, but still... not bad for me.

Husband, I patiently await your apology for that hateful post not so long ago when you bashed my dishwashing abilities. At least in my mind, I have totally redeemed myself.


The Jordon Family said...

You go girl ! Good job on that load :)
By the way, I just love your little Dru..
I had lunch with Micayla today and afterwards when it was time for them to line up I felt this little tap on my back and I turned around and it was her , she was smiling big and gave me a hug and walked back over to her group. It was so sweet!

Jill said...

The dishwasher looks fab. Good job on those skilz! Although, what you probably didn't realize is a little trick that the guys do when they don't want to keep doing something.... they fake not knowing how to do it so we'll do it. See, there's where your problem might be. If Matt had thought you COULDN'T load the dishwasher, then you wouldn't have had to load it... :)