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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Dreaded Christmas Card Picture

It's not even Thanksgiving yet, and I'm already dreading trying to get a good Christmas card picture. Last year we cheated and went with a beach shot from the summer, but this year, I've decided we're going to have to bite the bullet and get a current family picture... which, with this crew, is pretty much impossible. I have Belle, 'the high fashion, America's Next Top Model, inappropriate' poser. Then Estella Dru, the 'I will smile but refuse to look in the general direction of the camera' child. Then Jeb, the typical 9 month old. I need say no more. I am already feeling the anxiety of Christmas card day.

Here is the last attempt we made. These were taken at the house in Siloam (Christmas '06). We set the camera up on 'delay', so Matt could set it, then hurriedly run get in the shot. It was going ok until our mentally challenged cat decided to attempt suicide.

Here is Faulkner thinking about jumping into the fire.

Here is Faulkner in the fire.

This is the one we went with.

Surely this year's photo session will go smoother than the last. I'm already praying.... (FYI: The cat suffered only from severely singed fur.)


Annie said...

weren't you pregnant there? you don't look pregnant there.