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Sunday, May 4, 2008

More of Belle's Birthday

Belle had a great birthday. On the 30th, Matt took her to breakfast then the park before school. He also ate lunch with her that day. I brought up petit fours and little gift bags for all her friends. That evening we went to Build-A-Bear Workshop, then dinner, then the park again. On the way home, she told me that "it was her best day ever." Then on Saturday, we had a little family party for her at Matt's mom and dad's (Gigi and G-Pops). She got lots of presents and had a great time. She has referred to herself all week as "the five-year-old." Again, I can't believe she's five. Anyway... here are some pictures from Saturday.With her Cabbage Patch Kid from Granny Hilda
Webkins from Aunt Sarah and Gigi and G-Pops
Her Princess Belle cake (of course)
Blowing out her candles (notice we're holding back the pigtails)

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST... Tomorrow begins what will be known in the Slaughter house as "Countdown to Florida." We are going to Destin (our favorite place to be) the week of June 14th. Granted, I only gained 20 pounds with Jeb (as opposed to 55 with the girls; can somebody say 'moo'), but as all you women out there know, there is just something that happens to your body in the months after giving birth. Well, I have a little over a month to do something about that and look decent in a bikini. I am crossing my fingers for 10 pounds (at least) by June 14, and I feel like if I write it here for everyone to see, it may actually give me more incentive and motivation. Matt will be doing this with me, and I'm hoping he can go for 15 pounds. (When he WANTS to, he can shed weight a lot faster than me.) So, anyway... that commences tomorrow. I already hid the evil, evil Milk Duds.


Sharon said...

Wow, I should post that on my blog b/c we were just talking about the beach weight we wanted to lose yesterday! We are going July 13! Too bad we won't be there at the same time! So I have an extra month, but more than 10 pounds to lose too!! Good luck!

Robyn said...

The beach sounds wonderful right about now...I bet you all can't wait!