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Friday, May 23, 2008

Brain Zaps, Sleeping Baby, KDO, and Bike Day

BRAIN ZAPS So for the past month or so, I've been convinced my brain was shorting out. I mentioned it to Matt a few times, but figured why should I talk about it when the inevitable result was my imminent death. I kept putting off getting on the internet in an attempt to self-diagnose because I tend to... self-diagnose with the end result almost always being cancer, leading to... death. But yesterday I bit the bullet and unexpectedly found exactly what I believe my problem is. BRAIN ZAPS. No I didn't make up the word. Apparently, these electrical shock sensations occur in the body (mainly in the head) when people stop using certain medications, namely the medication I was on after having Jeb and going through post-partum. Brain zaps. Not brain cancer. Not my imminent death. Whew!

SLEEPING BABY This is the second night in a row Jeb has slept through the night. Yesterday he woke up at 7:30, today 6:30. God is good! So is sleep.

KDO Yesterday was Estella's last day ever at Kids Day Out. So sad! I only have Jeb left to do KDO.Then


BIKE DAY Next week is Belle's last week of K-4. Again, so sad. Yesterday the K-4 students were able to bring their bikes and scooters to school. Belle was so excited and had a great time... except now she wants to "throw away her bike and get a scooter." Nice. A big thanks to all you scooter parents.
That's my family update. We still haven't sold our house but did finally list it. Lord, bring on the buyers!


Superchikk said...

I think those Brain Zaps happen when you have a baby, period. I had them after Caedmon was born, and still do, but not as badly. For a while, I couldn't remember if I'd brushed my teeth that morning!

So glad Jeb is sleeping! Caedmon has sleep issues, though they are not as bad as they could be. Congrats on a boy who sleeps for you!

Oh, LOVE Jeb's trunks!

We also have our house listed after trying FSBO. I feel your pain. Wanna buy our house? Ha! Seriously, 4 bedrooms....

Gow_spot said...

Hello Matt and Ang!

Wow- your little man is perfect!
And your girls are as precious as ever!

Sounds like ya'll are doing well.... and yes, let's have Jeb and Sally Jane meet someday! Maybe we could arrange for a blind date when they are teens. =)

Laura Gowan