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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Incredible Friends and Baby Showers

I have the most incredible friends in the world. Matt and I moved here just 3 1/2 years ago, and in that small amount of time we have made some of the most lasting, meaningful relationships of our lives. It was hard for me to leave home and family and friends and make this move to NW Arkansas, but I just had no idea what all God had in store for us... namely people who would care and love us through the hard times (such as Grandma's death) and times of celebration (such as Jeb's birth). This Saturday, I had my THIRD baby shower for Jeb given by my friends Erin, Sara, Sherrilleta, and Sarah (also my sister-in-law). Before that, the ladies in our connection group at FBCS gave me and two other of my 'expecting' friends a shower, and that same day, the ladies in Matt's office, along with a host of teachers, gave us a shower in the administration office at Shiloh. I literally went from having nothing for this child to having more than enough in a week's time. I am truly truly grateful to EVERYONE. Right now, for me, there is no better gift than friendships and the love and support that comes with them. So, from my friends and family to everyone at Shiloh, thank you, thank you! Matt, the girls, and I appreciate you so much... and I know Jeb will, too!


Sharon said...

I've been waiting for pictures! Thank you for inviting me to your shower. I really was going to try and come, but Ryan is coaching upward and had a game at 2:00 on Sat and Courtney wouldn't have done well w/o a nap, so I didn't have an option! :( I wanted to come and see you (and everyone else!) so badly! Looks like you all had fun and you got loaded up with BOY stuff! I will definately have to come up when Jeb gets here and see him!

Nate & Alicia Brown said...

Can't believe your day is almost here! I always love the excitement of going to the hospital knowing we would come home with a new baby...I would do it again if I could get Nate on board! :) We're excited for you guys. I'm glad you got everything you need.