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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wreath and Cycle

Belle made a comment the other day about the Christmas wreath that was still hanging on our door. I was ashamed. On my to-do list (as if it isn't long enough), I wrote, "Make girls an Easter wreath before leaving for Brazil." Max time I planned to spend on it: 30 minutes. And I succeeded. It's so simple and maybe a little tacky, but my girls are so proud of it. If you can't tell, all I did was buy 3 bags of 1/2 priced Easter eggs at Hobby Lobby and hot glued ribbon around each one. Then I hot glued them onto a wreath I already had. Like I said. 30 minutes. Maybe cost me $3. My kind of project.

I tried to get a shot of it hanging on our door, but the glare was too fierce, so I moved it inside. As I was snapping some pictures, I noticed Jeb jumping up and down at my feet saying, "Cheeeeese! Cycle! Cheese! Cycle!" Translation: he wanted me to take a picture of him and his new motorcycle. And ok, so I know he needs a haircut. Hopefully that will happen before we leave as well. He's still stinkin' adorable.


Nel said...

I think it is great that you are never to busy to enjoy your kids, and you listen to them. That is very important. Your wreath is cute, and I am sure the kids love it. And Jeb, what can you say about him, He is such a cutie. He makes me smile everytime I look at a pic of him. Praying for you & Matt as you journey to Brazil!

until next time... nel

The Jordon Family said...

Ok good, I don't feel so bad now.. Mica JUST took our lighted garland down that was around our front door like maybe a week ago :)

Your Easter wreath turned out very cute, you are quite crafty!

BTW, I saw your hubby being taped to the wall at school today, ha!! Crazy stuff:)

Aimee Bryan said...

You are ABSOLUTELY crazy! You are leaving tomorrow, not feeling well, decorating a bedroom, making a wreath, packing up kids, and what else? I had no idea how creative and hands on you are! Love reading and seeing you at work.

Cindy said...

OmGoodness! You must take care of yourself on this trip ~ no sugar highs like yesterday! You are probably trying to get too much done before you leave!

My facebook name is: Cindy Thom Cain

I look forward to the BIG reveal soon! Enjoy!