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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Duck Hurling at Nap Time

The Jeb Man got into a little trouble at school recently. The boy hates nap time. He refuses to nap anywhere other than at home in his own bed. I knew he wasn't napping at school, but his teachers assured me he was staying quietly on his nap mat.

That all changed yesterday.

His teacher met me at the door and told me he had some "issues" at nap time. Apparently, not only did he refuse to stay on his nap mat, but he also hurled his duck at other sleeping children, trying to wake them up so they could play. (I mean, it was a good plan...)

I. Was. Mortified.

I videoed part of his confessional to send to his daddy. It's pretty cute, but ends awkwardly. I guess that's how we roll.

I should have known this duck was going to be nothing but trouble.


Kelsey said...

Loved the "awkwardness." Ha!

Leanne said...

That was hilarious...and SO cute! Haha!

Nel said...

I am still laughing. Too cute!

until next time... nel

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

My youngest heard me laughing last night and came to see what was so funny. It was your video and we watched it together and both laughed. Jeb is stinkin' adorable. I think it would be hard to get mad at that sweet little face.

Bobbie said...

that is hilarious.