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Friday, November 26, 2010

Ten Extremely Intellectual Black Friday Observations

1.) If the temperature outside is hanging out around freezing, a store's open door may be inviting to those on the outside, but it's cruelty for those on the inside. As if people want to chatter and shake while perusing your merchandise. And it's also stupid. And also I will not shop there. And also use your head. And also it's stupid.

2.) Keds shoes are back in stores.

3.) If you purchased a pair of Keds shoes, you shouldn't have. Trust me. I am somewhat of a Keds connoisseur. Ask anyone who knew me in junior high and high school. It wasn't pretty. Learn from my mistakes. You can never take it back.

4.) An early morning Starbucks before shopping tastes so good.

5.) An early morning Starbucks before shopping shaves at least half an hour off valuable shopping time due to the necessary restroom breaks. Maybe more.

6.) No matter how many pairs of boots are in a store, I will always want the pair the cute little salesperson is wearing.

7.) Stores who sell glitter sweaters to women of a certain age know better. And they do it any way.

8.) Target needs more mirrors.

9.) When you walk in to Bath and Body Works, be prepared to hear a five-minute narrative about the day's sales and what is included in the $20 VIP gift bag from at least seven employees... some twice because they forget your face five seconds later.

10.) When you walk out of Bath and Body, make sure you have not shoplifted a $20 VIP gift bag. (We're taking it back, ok!)

Do you have a Black Friday observation? Please share.


Cindy said...

Yes, My observation...It's best to just stay home and watch the grandbabies:)

Susan said...


Tyla said...

Order online. I need to take my own advice, though. lol

Boni said...

I do NOT black Friday shop. Last year, my dad and I had to go get a TV (well, I had to go and I forced him to go with me...and buy me coffee!) and I will never go back.

My observation from that one year (and I'm a rookie) is it's like lions fighting over the last peice of zebra...except it's a video game/ipod/sleeping bag. It's insane...and I don't do well in the chaos! (If I were a lion...I would starve)

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

I didn't get out of pjs until lunch time and the only thing I purchased was a pink glittery tree topper at Dollar General. Definitely sounds like you were more of a trooper than me. I would love to hit up the outlets in Pigeon Forge though....on some weekday morning when nobody else is there!