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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Locket

I have a very special locket.

My Grandma gave it to me for my wedding. The chain was lost long ago, so I pinned it underneath the layers of my dress. It had to be part of that day, chain or no chain.

Estella Dru loves going through my jewelry. (It's not an extensive collection, let me assure you.) But she always fixates on that locket. I even had to hide it from her because she would sneak it off in her room to look at it. She loves that locket.

This weekend while at Grandpa's, I had the opportunity to not only tell her but show her why the locket is so special for us.

This is a picture of Grandma's parents that hangs on the wall at Grandpa's. Her mother's name was Lillie Ann. I believe Grandma told me she was 13 when she got married and raised 12 or 13 children. (How sad I can't remember the correct number.) She died long before I was born, but Grandma told me stories about "Mama" all my life, so I feel like we're old friends. Notice the locket hanging around her neck.

And this is Grandma not long after she and Grandpa got married. She is wearing the same locket.

This is my mom (Grandma 'Nita to my children) in her wedding dress at age 18. So pretty. She is also wearing the locket.

Even though I didn't wear it around my neck, there was no doubt the locket had to be part of my wedding. Just holding it in my hands makes me feel stronger. The women in my family are tough. Much tougher than me. The obstacles my Great-Grandmother Lillie overcame... the loss of three baby boys, the loss of an adult daughter, living through the hardest of times when she had no idea what she would feed her family from day to day... I could only hope to be as courageous and strong.

The locket is special.

Estella Dru was absolutely amazed to see the locket in pictures. She made me promise over and over that it was the same one. I told her one day it could be part of one of her special days if she wanted. She was beside her self excited. Here it is in her little hand.

I know I've been ending several of my posts with questions, but I am so interested to know.... Do you have a special treasure in your family that has been passed from generation to generation?


Anonymous said...

I have several but nothing as pretty as your locket. I have a trunk that belonged to my great grandma,a fox horn that was my great granddad's and some other things.

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

what a beautiful story of love and family....although i must say i wish you'd shared your own wedding picture....even if the locket wasn't visible!

my mom has both my great-grandmother's wedding bands (just plain gold bands) but that's really special to me. they had tinier fingers than mine, but maybe one day i'll wear them on a necklace or something. your post made my day better.

Kelsey said...

You write some of the greatest post! They're so uplifting and fresh. Great post!

Nel said...

Your grandma looked just like her mom in later years. They were both so pretty! Along with their granddaughters! I have several things from my grandparents, but nothing passed down like your locket, that is so special. Janice wore my dad's wedding bands tied with a blue ribbon to her shoe so her grandpa could be there, and I hope maybe Eden will do the same. That was her old and blue. Memories!
until next time... nel

Farmchick said...

I have a fan that belonged to my great grandmother. It is black and was used for her special occasions. Your locket is quite lovely. Nice post, I enjoyed it.

Farmchick said...

I have a fan that belonged to my great grandmother. It is black and was used for her special occasions. Your locket is quite lovely. Nice post, I enjoyed it.

Tyla said...

How very special! You may have already done this but, if not, you should take each of these pictures and have them matted and framed in one frame, with a close-up of the locket or the locket itself, in the center.

I have a few special things passed down but it would be soooo neat to have them in a picture with each of their owners.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You come from a long line of beautiful women!

No, I can't think of any special treasure that has been passed down through my family but I love the idea of that and think that maybe I could be the one to start the tradition with my girls. Or ask my mom or John's mom to start it.

BTW, I love the way the crazy bands compliment that locket. Sweet. :)